Minister dies while trying to save journalist

Thu Sep 09 2021 08:35:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident, a Russian Minister died while trying to save a journalist during a civil defence exercise in the Arctic Siberian region. The minister was holding the portfolio of emergencies and was actually supervising a security drill. The minister was identified as Yevgeny Zinichay.

Finding that a cameraman, identified as Alexander Melnic, fell off a cliff into water down below, the minister jumped to save him but hit a protruding rock. The minister acted not like an official but as a rescuer. Many of his colleagues recalled that the minister has always lived like this.  The minister is considered extremely close to president Putin and is said to be a member of the president's security drill. He is said to be a minister for emergencies from 2018. President Putin said Yevgeny Zinichay's death was a personal loss to him.

The journalist was a director and a screenplay writer. He has produced films on Arctic adventures. His film titled Territory, released in 2015, was shot in the same place. He was filming the mock drill when the mishap occurred.  The mock drill was a two-day exercise involving over 6000 people. It was covering more than a dozen emergency situations and how to handle them.