Mirabai Chanu's inspirational story of carrying firewood to making India proud medal

Sun Jul 25 2021 12:41:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mirabai Chanu has been all over the news since yesterday. The weight lifter made India proud with her Silver Medal at Tokyo Olympics.

She gave India a positive start with her medal in the 49 kg event. After her historic win, dignitaries like Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, PM Narendra Modi and others congratulated Mirabai Chanu.

We know her success, but we don't know her struggles. She has come along a long way. She even fought depression and came out of it even stronger.

In the previous Olympics, the Rio Olympics she was a hot favourite. However, Chanu was unable to reach the expectations and she couldn't even finish her attempts in the tournament.

The Rio Olympics had a big impact on her career with everyone questioning her abilities.This pushed her into depression and to come out of it, Chanu took counseling for depression.

The Commonwealth Games tournament was a game changer in her career. Chanu who initially thought of leaving weightlifting had won a gold medal in the 48 kgs category in the Commonwealth Games.

The Tokyo Olympics will be a memorable win to the athlete and the country as well.

When her turn came in the 49 kg event, her family members and neighbours were glued to the television. Chanu's win has resulted in a festival-like situation in her hometown.

Chanu too went through a fair share of difficulties. To see that her mother's burden is reduced she used to carry firewood on her head. There were instances where she used to not have meals to have a steady weight.

All her hardships and efforts paid off with Chanu registering a stunning victory at the prestigious Tokyo Olympics.