Miryalaguda Honour Killing: Pranay Killers Obtain Bail!

Sat Apr 27 2019 13:26:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Honour Killing of Pranay on September 14th last year created a sensation in the Telugu States. None other than Maruthi Rao, who is Pranay's Father-in-Law and Amrutha Varshini's Father, was identified as the Main Conspirator. He was the one who hired Supari Killers to get rid of Pranay who belongs to an another caste. Within days after the murder, Maruthi Rao and other Accused in the case were taken into custody by the Cops. PD Act was opened against Maruti Rao taking into account all the crimes done by him.

7 months after the arrest, Maruthi Rao and Two Other Accused in the sensational murder case were granted conditional bail by the High Court. All the three of them were ordered to inform about their whereabouts to the local police station on a regular basis.

Amrutha Varshini was blessed with a baby boy on January 30th this year. Pranay's Family Members have every reason to worry about the bail granted to Maruthi Rao because of the horrific experience they had in the past. May be, Additional Security will be provided to the Family living in Miryalaguda until the bail period gets completed.