Miss Universe: First Filipino American Gets Crowned!

Mon Jan 16 2023 11:53:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Miss Universe competition is the highest beauty event in the world. It has a long history as it started back in 1952. The organisers decided to provide a significant platform for women across the globe to see success and look at bigger dreams.

The recently concluded 2023 Miss Universe event marks the 71st Miss Universe Competition. R'Bonney Gabriel who represented the United States at the event was declared the winner amid cheers and claps. The answer she gave in the final round left many impressed.

The jury asked her what she can do to demonstrate the award as a progressive organization. R'Bonney Gabriel said that helping others with what we have will result in empowering others and she will do that. Talking about her profession she said that she has been giving sewing classes to women to empower them as she is a passionate designer.

The young lady said that she is also doing her part in battling pollution as she used recycled materials. This impressed the jury and awarded her the winner of the competition. She was crowned the pageant at the celebrated beauty competition.

Following the tradition of the previous winner crowning the new winner India's Harnaaz Sandhu, winner of the last edition crowned the pageant. Celebrations broke out after the winner's name was announced by the jury.

New Orleans hosted the celebrated beauty competition which saw R'Bonney Gabriel winning the competition. She is said to be the first Filipino American to get crowned as the winner of the event.

The new Miss Universe is a University Graduate and used to play sports. As per the information, she played volleyball at the high school level and went to the University of North Texas. Following her passion, she ventured into a clothing line.

Besides serving as the CEO of the company, R'Bonney Gabriel is also a fashion designer. To empower others she gives sewing classes to other women to give them a helping hand.

As many as 90 contestants across the globe took part in the competition. Miss Venezuela, Amamda Dudamel was announced as the runner-up of the event while Miss Dominican Republic, Andreina Martinez was the second runner-up.