People Scold Modi, Vote For The Same Modi

Tue May 15 2018 17:54:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

When Karnataka poll campaign was going on vigorously, a few journalists specially visited Karnataka to cover the news. Apart from these journalists, when we interacted with other journalist friends in Karnataka, they have revealed an interesting thing.  They told that people are angry on Modi like never before.. so BJP is going to face defeat in the elections.  This is a general opinion before Modi started his campaign.

Narendra Modi started his campaign little late. He has brought a change in the perception of voter within just three days.  The voters started inclining towards BJP slowly.  The Karnataka BJP leaders who recognised the change, have requested Modi to continue the campaign for a few more days explaining the situation.  He immediately accepted their request considering the importance of BJP win in Karnataka.  He campaigned in more constituencies for the win of BJP.  

More than 17 media houses revealed the exit polls on the after the polling is over.  Some media houses predicted BJP win.. there are others who didn't predict BJP win.   BJP CM candidate Yeddyurappa revealed that he is going to swear in as the CM on May 17.  Many people criticised Yeddyurappa for his comments. But he understood the mindset of Kannadigas before the result.  Now the question is why Kannadigas voted for Modi when they have severely opposed him earlier?

That's the magic of Narendra Modi.

The voters who were dissatisfied with the Siddaramaiah government, neutral voters who changed their mind in the last minute to vote for BJP has made way for the BJP win.  On the other hand, the Telugu voters in 50 constituencies have also inclined towards BJP as per the results.  Modi's sharp criticism.. wonderful oratory skills.. the way he forgot his PM post to campaign for the win of BJP have impressed the voters.   They got a feeling to give a chance for the BJP.

Apart from his brilliant oratory skills, he has strong poll management.  He has clearly indicated his intentions that winning is important for him by giving seats to the followers of Gali Brothers.  When a person didn't leave any single opportunity for the win, how can success escape from him?

On the other side, Rahul could not give a strong fight to Modi at any point.  On the whole, Modi gave a strong message to everybody that when he targets to win, he will work hard for it and try to win by a hook or crook. Only success matters to him.  By convincing the people who were scolding him a few days ago, he has proved his charisma once again.