Modi Makes KCR Huff And Puff For An Appointment

Thu Jun 13 2019 12:39:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

''Do not underestimate the power of common man,'' so goes Shahrukh's dialogue in his Chennai Express. For KCR, the dialogue would be: Do not underestimate the power of Modi-Shah. During the elections, KCR read things wrong. He felt the country was headed for a hung Paliament and that the BJP would need the support of regional parties to form the government. With his calculations at the back of his mind, he began his moves to form a Federal Front. He heli-hopped to different state capitals to mop up  support of the regional parties. KCR did not stop at that. He also began attacking Modi and Amit Shah in very strong words. Some attacks were way too below the belt.

But, his calculations went awry and Modi came back with a resounding majority. Not only did he not need outside support, he has almost two-thirds majority in the Lok Sabha. Things are different now. KCR has no role at the Centre and has no leverage too. He could win just 9 out of 17 seats and the BJP had done very well with four seats. Worse still, Modi and Shah have not forgotten KCR's acerbic comments.

The result? Despite several trials, Modi and Shah are  not giving K Chandrasekhara Rao appointment. KCR has been pleading for dates for Telangana. After a lot of trials, Modi has given appointment for June 16. KCR wants Modi's presence for the inauguration of the Kaleswaram Project, which did not take any central assistance. He wants to showcase his work and mend fences with Modi. So, inviting Modi for the Kaleswaram project launch is at the top of the agenda while the second most important thing is make amends for his comments during the electioneering. How will Modi and Shah react and respond remains to be seen.