Modi's Media Phobia Continues..!

Sat May 18 2019 11:26:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

2014 Lok Sabha Results were announced on May 16th. Since then, Narendra Modi has been the Prime Minister of India but he didn't dare to hold a press conference until May 16th. Much to everyone's surprise, Modi convened a press conference on May 17th. Here is the twist...NaMo let Amit Shah do all the talking by saying he will behave like a disciplined party worker.

Even when he served as Gujarat CM for three terms, Narendra Modi kept maintaining distance from media. Godhra Riots and Attacks on Minorities happened during his regime. He faced serious allegations from within BJP and it's alliance partners including Chandrababu Naidu yet no press conference was conducted. For the first time, Modi offered an interview to CNN IBN Journalist Karan Thapar in 2007. He walked away even before the completion of the interview because of tricky questions. Ever since then, Modi refrained from offering interview to any independent Journalist.

Narendra Modi convened a press conference upon completion of 5 years of his rule yet he didn't talk anything. Then, Why did he arrive for the press meet if Amit Shah alone interacts with media?