Modi Offers Good Prominence To NTR's Daughter

Sun Feb 10 2019 18:26:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Daggubati Venkateswara Rao and his Son Hitesh Chenchuram announced they will be joining YCP very soon. There were even speculations that Purandeswari would shift loyalties to the Main Opposition. However, BJP Leadership still believes NTR's Daughter will remain loyal to it though her husband and son preferred YSRC.

During Today's Public Meeting in Guntur, Purandeswari was found sitting right beside PM Narendra Modi. That itself is an indication that she will continue in BJP and even the Saffron Party trusts her.

Purandeswari slammed TDP Government for trying to disrupt PM Modi's tour. Terming the rule of Chandrababu Naidu as Taliban Rule, She predicted the downfall of Telugu Desam Party in the near future.

Analysts say, BJP have very few popular leaders in Andhra Pradesh. That is why Purandeswari is getting due importance, especially after M Venkaiah Naidu become Vice President. On the other hand, Purandeswari may or mayn't obtain ticket if she joins YCP. She is most likely to bag a nominated post by continuing in the BJP and that's the key.