Pic Of The Day: Modi Plays With Special Friend!

Tue Jul 23 2019 19:21:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chief Ministers of several Indian States can't even get appointment of PM Narendra Modi from months to years. Denial of appointment to Chandrababu Naidu for more than one-and-a-half year when he was the CM of AP is a classic example.

On the other hand, There is this adorable kid who got access to the Prime Minister of India. He not only spent time with PM but also allowed the country's ruler play with him. Sharing couple of lovely photographs, Modi informed: 'A very special friend came to meet me in Parliament today'.

Who is that Boy? He had come along with few visitors who had met PM at his office in the Parliament building on Tuesday.

The Instagram Post of Narendra Modi with the kid fetched 1.9 million views in just 4 hours. PM enjoys the support of over 25 million followers on the Photo-Sharing App.