Modi's compensation plan puts KCR in trouble

Thu Sep 23 2021 08:40:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the Modi government planning to expose the lapses in the Covid death figures on the part of the KCR government? It appears so. The Central government's announcement of compensation of Rs 50000 for the covid deaths, the Telangana Government is in for trouble. A lot of bereaved families would now claim the compensation, but the death certificates issued by the government medical authorities might come in the way of getting the benefit.

The Telangana government and its medical authorities have all along been accused of falsifying figures. There was an alleged attempt to show less number of deaths. Several of those who died of Covid were allegedly given death certificates that claimed cardiac failure or organ failure as the causes of the death. Due to this, many bereaved families would not become eligible for the compensation.

There were always allegations that the number of deaths reported from the cremation grounds and the number reported by the governments did not match and that the government has tried to show less number of deaths. Now, there would be disquiet and anger among the kin of the Covid dead if they are denied compensation. If the government issues fresh certificates and includes new names, its credibility would come under scrutiny. Both the ways the TRS government would come under fire.

According to the Telangana health ministry statistics, as many as 3908 persons died due t covid as on September 21, 2021. These people would be given Rs 50000 from the NDRA funds each. Thus, a total of Rs 19.54 crore would be spent for giving the compensation.