PM Narendra Modi reaches new milestone on Twitter

Thu Jul 29 2021 17:12:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a one more feather in his cap, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as one of the most followed politicians on social media, thanks to his followers.

The Prime Minister's followers' count has surpassed the massive 70 million mark on Twitter.

Narendra Modi took just 12 years to get followers of over 70 million. He has been using Twitter from 2009, back when he used to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat..

Back to a decade back, Narendra Modi's official Twitter handle had followers count of one lakh which has been growing gradually every year.

His followers count saw a massive jump when the BJP rose to power and he became the Prime Minister of India. Last year, he had 60 million followers on Twitter.

Narendra Modi is an active user of social media and he makes tweets on special occasions.