Modi warms up to Stalin: Something big up BJP's sleeve?

Fri Jun 18 2021 19:57:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Does Narendra Modi have a plan B for Tamil Nadu? It appears that Narendra Modi is looking for alternatives for the BJP in Tamil Nadu. As part of it, is he trying to get closer to the DMK? If the recent meeting of PM Modi and Tamil Nadu CM Stalin is any indication, then, Modi definitely is trying to move closer to the DMK with an eye on the 2024 elections.

The AIADMK, with which Modi had an electoral alliance in the recent assembly elections, is out of power for the coming five years. So, the next Lok Sabha elections would be held in Tamil Nadu with Stalin as the CM. AIADMK may not even have the financial muscle or wherewithal to sustain itself for the coming five years. So, a BJP alliance with DMK will leave Congress completely friendless in Tamil Nadu. Secondly, the BJP could improve its tally. A Congress and AIADMK alliance may not make much headway as both have no direction and no leader worth the name.

Probably with this in view, Modi gave special appointment to Stalin and held long-ranging discussions. He also told the CM that he is just a phone call away on any developmental issue. He has also responded positively to the list of demands that Stalin had put forth. All this shows that Modi has something very big up his sleeve.