Mojo TV CEO's Indefinite Fast In Studio

Thu May 23 2019 09:11:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mojo TV CEO Revathi took up hunger strike while being live on the channel in protest against the alleged harassment by My Home Group chairman Jupally Rameshwar Rao's Son Ranjith Rao. She accused Ranjith Rao of pressurising her to sell her Mojo TV Shares.

Revathi alleged Mojo TV Chairman Hari Kiran Chereddy was taken into custody by the Cops in the midnight and made to sit in the police station until 3 am on the pretext of investigation. She complains Cops had told to Hari Kiran that they would let him go if CEO Revathi transfers the shares.

After running for her life a day before, The Mojo TV CEO says she is scared of her future and that of her channel employees. She claims to be having audio recordings of how she was forced by Rameshwar Rao's Coterie. Revathi offered to sacrifice her life for protecting media persons and press freedom.

The issue related to dispute between Ravi Prakash and TV9 New Management has been taking sensational turns. Where is the end for this never ending drama?