More than 95 percent of vaccinated healthcare workers were protected against Covid!

Thu Jun 17 2021 16:46:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Famous chain of hospitals Apollo had conducted a study to find out the how effectively the vaccine works.The study had focused on post vaccination impact.

The study was conducted between January 16 to May 30 coverings over 30,000 healthcare workers across the country. Those who were part of the study were vaccinated with either both doses or a single dose of vaccine.

The outcome of the study is that the vaccines have protected over 95 percent of the health care workers. A mere 4.28 percent of healthcare workers developed post-vaccination infection that to not on severe scale. No deaths were reported among the subjects.

Talking about the new study, Apollo hospitals chairman Prathap C Reddy said, the study is the indication that the vaccinations are safe and also prevents the virus manifestations. Vaccinations are the key in the fight against the virus, he said.

Out of the healthcare workers who were part of the study, 91.45 percent of them have received Covishield doses while 8.99 percent recived Covaxin.

The study said, 90 of them hospitalised and three of them were admitted to the ICU facility. 5.14 percent of the healthcare workers who received partial vaccination had come in contact with the pandemic.