Most Internet Consumers Spend data on Social Media: A Report!

Mon May 09 2022 16:06:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Thanks to the rising competition between internet providers and cellphone networks, the internet was made cheap and the majority of Indians are now having access to the internet. Most of them use the internet on their mobile phones. Compared to a few years, internet computation and users had gone up.

A recent survey found out that the net computation had increased compared to earlier and the urban population is leading in terms of active consumers than the rural population.

The data says that close to 90 percent of internet users use the internet daily for various purposes like work, music, and others. However, internet users use the internet for social media. Around 85 percent of users spend data on social media, followed by video calling, video surfacing, and music purposes.

Less than 20 percent of users use the internet for online classes and shopping. As the offline classes have started, the percentage might have come down. Whatever the reason might be, the major share of internet users uses the internet for social media.

Compared to men, women are consuming more internet in India with around 66.7 percent of women consuming the internet. Coming to men, only 48.8 percent use the internet for various purposes. Not just in India, but in many states, Women are consuming more data. Let's take the example of Telangana, while more than 73 percent of women consume the internet, only 50 percent of men do that.