Most suspended hospitals get back their Covid licenses

Mon Jun 07 2021 09:44:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

If you thought that the Telangana Government is acting tough on hospitals that charged a bomb for Covid treatment, think again. Most of the hospitals, whose Covid licences have been suspended, have begun taking Covid patients again. The covid licenses of as many as 32 hospitals have already been revived and steps are on to revive the licenses of the other hospitals.

Soon after suspending their license, the government provided them with a way out to wriggle out of the ban. They were asked to settle the dispute with the complainants. The government had suspended the licenses of as many as 117 hospitals across the state. While there were 200 complaints, only 117 were suspended. But they were allowed to settle their disputes with the complainants. The government has also clarified that the settlements apply only to those who had lodged complaints about exorbitant charges. The government has given two weeks time to settle the disputes.

In Khammam and Warangal, several hospitals have received notifications to the effect that they can resume their treatment of covid patient. The government is planning to revive the licenses of all the hospitals in a phased manner.