Most temples have no CCTV cameras in AP

Tue Jan 19 2021 17:11:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are attacks on temples in Andhra Pradesh a new phenomenon? Have they increased only after YS Jagan took over reins of power? While the opposition TDP wants us to believe that this indeed is the case, the statistics speak otherwise.

Lack of security and surveillance are said to be the main reasons for the attacks on temples in Andhra Pradesh.  As a result, the police have geo-tagged as many as 58,871 temples in the state. Peace committees have been formed for the protection of the temples.

The police statistics say that in 2015, as manya s 163 temples were attacked. Of them, 12 were related to the desecration of the idols or to the theft of idols. In 2016, there were 207 cases, of which 31 were related to idol damage or theft. In 2017, there were 130 temple offences, including 25 idol theft or damage. In 2018, there were 123 ases, including 29 instances of idol damage. In 2019 too, there were 177 cases, including 22 idol theft or damage cases. Last year, there were 143 cases, including 34 idol damage cases.

One major problem is that only 23834 temples are recognised by the State government and are managed by the endowments department. Over 25000 temples are under private management. Most of these temples have no surveillance system in place. This is the main cause for the crimes in Temples, say police sources.