Viral: Mother Elephant Helps Bay To Mount Barrier With Its Trunk

Sat Jul 04 2020 16:18:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

A minute-long video heart touching video shot by a cycling enthusiast Anish Kata, in which a baby elephant brawling to cross road-barrier in Kerala grabbed the attention of social media.

The heartwarming video became instantly viral and went rounds on social media with Netizens and Twitterati finding it too cute to handle and most adorable.

In the viral video, a baby elephant can be seen struggling to mount a roadside barrier for around a minute. Soon after, the mother elephant helps the baby elephant to climb the barrier by using its trunk as a hand to help the baby.

We can see three elephants in the video- two adults and a baby. While crossing the barrier, the adults crossed it easily, while the baby found it difficult to cross it given its short height.

Congress leader, former Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh shared the viral video on his Twitter and gave a special mentioning about the weightage of friendly infrastructure to wildlife.

Along with mentioning the infrastructure, the former Minister also lauded the Truc Driver who waited patiently till the elephants crossed the road.