When 80-Year-Old Touches Rahul Gandhi's Feet

Thu Jul 04 2019 20:00:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

So, finally Rahul Gandhi has resigned. But does that mean that the dynasty's power has come down in the Congress Party? Will it be curtains for the dynasty? Not likely anytime soon. The Gandhi-Nehru-Vadra dynasty will still rule the Congress party. It may not be directly, but through its proxies.

If one has any doubt about it, one has to only see the picture of octogenarian senior Congressman Motilal Vora touching the feet of fortyish Rahul Gandhi in public. The occasion was his appointment as the acting president of the party. Vora, a former CM, a former governor and a Central minister with years of active life in Congress, has bent down to touch Rahul Gandhi's feet. To add to this, Rahul's bouquet was being carried by former prime minister and world renowned expert in economics Dr Manmohan Singh.  Interestingly, Rahul Gandhi did not even acknowledge Vora’s act. He did not even try to stop Vora from touching his feet.

This one pic tells us that things won't be changing in the Congress anytime soon and it will still be a Rahul Gandhi rule, but by proxy. Interestingly, Rahul and Sonia left from Britain to call on brother-in-law Robert Vadra, who has just undergone a surgery there. Priyanka Vadra is already there.