Mukesh Ambani Paves Way For Entry of Young Blood into Reliance

Tue Jun 28 2022 18:09:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Ambani scion is the second richest person in India after Adani. His business empire spans various fields like retail stores, petrol, and even fiber net. Ambani venturing into telecommunications is a game-changer for India as the Tele companies have stopped charging money for incoming calls due to Reliance.

After revolutionalizing the telecom industry, Mukesh Ambani resigned from the post of Reliance Director so that the young blood flows into the Multinational conglomerate company. The 65-year-old's resignation made the way clear for his elder son Akash Ambani to take up the post. Now the Ambani scion will take care of the operations of the Reliance company.

In the company's board meeting, the company discussed the same, and Akash Ambani's appointment was approved. The meeting was held the other day. Hours after Mukesh Ambani stepped down as Reliance Director, Akash Ambani was proposed as the new director, and the proposal was approved by the board of directors.

Talking about the details of Akash Ambani, the Ambani scion is an economics graduate and he graduated from the prestigious Brown University in the United States.

Akash Ambani's abilities are expected to make wonders for the Reliance company. Despite Mukesh Ambani stopping down as the Managing Director of Reliance, he will serve as the Chairman of the Jio Platforms Ltd.