Muralidhar Rao, Ram Madhav To Be Made Ministers

Tue Sep 29 2020 14:08:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

The omission of two top BJP leaders - P Muralidhar Rao and Ram Madhav - from the party organisational team is still raking up lot of dust and heat. The issue is being hotly debated. While the there is shock among the party workers, there is surprise as no one knows why they were omitted.

But, some sources in the party say that they would soon be made Rajya Sabha MPs. Both the leaders have served the party sincerely and have worked to improve the party's position in states that are extremely tough. While Ram Madhav has worked hard in the North East and Jammu and Kashmir, Muralidhar Rao had worked in tough states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. So, there was no question why the party would ignore their services. The party perhaps will rehabilitate them in the Rajya Sabha.

These sources said that both Ram Madhav and Muralidhar Rao would also be made ministers. Ram Madhav is an expert in international relations and diplomacy and had wide contacts across the globe. So, he would be accommodated in the government. Similarly, Muralidhar Rao is known for his knowledge of economy and trade and could be accommodated in some finance related ministry.

The announcement could soon come around November, they argue. As of now, Muralidhar Rao is in home quarantine after he came in contact with Krishna Das, who is incharge of the party affairs in Telangana. Das tested positive.