Muslim MP To Inaugurate ISKCON Rath Yatra

Tue Jul 02 2019 21:25:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Trinamool Congress Party's new MP and film star Nusrath Jahan has perfected the art of staying in the headlines somehow or the other. First it was taking a selfie in modern attire in front of Parliament house. Then she took oath with bindi and  mangal sutra and called herself Nusrath Jahan Ruhi Jain while taking oath. Later, she said despite marrying a Jain, she was still a Muslim.

Now, here comes the latest. She is now all set to inaugurate the famed ISKCON rath yatra on the coming Thursday. She was invited by the temple management committee and she readily accepted the invite. This would probably one of the rarest occasions when a non-Hindu inaugurates the ISKCON rath yatra in Kolkata. The rath yatra organisers thanked the MP for accepting their invitation.

Nusrath said she can wear modern dresses and yet be a Muslim. She said she represented new India and did not differentiate between religions. For her acts and comments, Dar Ul Uloom Deoband has issued a fatwa against her. It said marrying a non-Muslim and sporting Hindu religious symbols was haraam in Islam.