NTR: Leader Who Changed Political Spectrum Largely!

Sat May 28 2022 14:28:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the inception of cinema in India, many Superstars have appeared on the Silver Screen. But Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao stays above them all. The reason for this is that NTR saw great heights in the film industry and politics as well. He had a phenomenal image and following among the masses.

It will not be wrong if we say there was no star like NTR and there will not be a star like him. The masses loved him to a point that they used to throw coins on the silver screen when NTR appears on the screen. People loved him no matter what character he portrayed. During his 50s, he played Superman.

The audiences and fans developed a special bonding with NTR after he started portraying Hindu gods on screen. He was too good while portraying Hindu gods. People saw him as a resemblance to gods and devotees who visit the holy shrine of Tirumala used to travel to Chennai to have a glimpse of him after offering prayers to the deity.

In politics, he was a sensation. When the grand old Congress party was having total control of Andhra Pradesh, NTR formed his Telugu Desam Party and made it to power in less than nine months, which is still a record.

NTR brought major reforms in politics. It was him, who started the culture of welcoming graduates and well-read persons into politics. In the maiden elections faced by the TDP, the party gave tickets to people coming from various professions.

NTR had set an example of how election promises should be fulfilled. Despite knowing that banning alcohol would impact the economy, NTR went ahead and imposed a complete ban. Proving rice for the poor is another big decision taken by the former Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh.

As he started his TDP against Congress, NTR had brought a front at the national level. Named National Front, the alliance brought all the opposition parties which are against the Congress under one roof. Until then, no regional party played a big role in national politics. NTR served as the leader of the opposition at the national level despite being a regional leader.