Naga Babu Funny Skit: Dark Side Of Media!

Sat Mar 16 2019 22:46:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the latest episode of 'Naa Channel - Naa Istam', Naga Babu took potshots at the corrupt media with a skit based on Two Brothers (Kanaiah - Uncorrupt Media, Ganaiah - Corrupt Media). Kanaiah is vexed watching Ganaiah eat grass all the time. So, He takes his brother to a Baba to find a solution.

For this Funny Skit, Mega Brother essayed the role of Bhagwam Shri Baba Maharaj.

Upon knowing about the condition of his Bhakt, Bhagwam Shri Baba Maharaj preaches that Ganaiah shouldn't eat grass while being in a respectable profession. He says it's up to Ganaiah to decide whether he would lead his rest of his life eating grass or not. At last, Ganaiah offers an assurance that he would try not to eat grass anymore. That is when Kanaiah pledged that he won't remove his beard until his brother stops eating grass. Quickly, Baba Maharaj asks Kanaiah whether he need to take such a huge risk. Last but not the least, He preaches 'Ganaiah Gaddi Manali - Kanaiah Geddam Theseyyali'.