Naga Babu's Odarpu Yatra Through YouTube

Sat May 25 2019 17:33:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the poll debacle, Naga Babu resumed 'My Channel Naa Instam' YouTube Series. First of all, He congratulated YCP for achieving memorable victory and stressed that Jagan have the responsibility to fulfil all the poll promises made by him.

Mega Brother claimed Jana Sena focussed only on clean and corruption-free politics. He thanked all those who voted for Jana Sena believing that change is possible under Pawan Kalyan's leadership. 'May be, Jana Sena didn't win but moral victory is ours. Let's do much more in future. Jana Sainiks & Jana Seena Veera Mahilalu got very emotional after the results. That's natural as many people has worked sincerely for years. I was pained watching their outburst. I can only say that defeat is temporary. Plan vacations in the next two months to come out of this setback. I appreciate all the MLA and MP Candidates for standing by clean politics'.

Jana Sena Supporters took the Odarpu message of Naga Babu in the right spirit. Whereas, Anti-Fans on Social Media wondered who is consoling Mega Brothers...especially, Pawan Kalyan who faced defeat in both Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka.