Naga Babu Responds On Ravi Prakash Issue

Sat May 11 2019 16:02:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega Family was irked by TV9's too much attention on Srija's marriage with Sirish Bharadwaj, negative campaign on Praja Rajyam and wrong deviation of the casting couch controversy. And now, The reaction of Mega Brother was sought on the controversy involving Ravi Prakash.

This is how Naga Babu responded: 'Not just TV9, None of the media houses had shown sympathy on Mega Family. All the channels and newspaper harassed us during Praja Rajyam time. TV9 is just one among them'.

However, Naga Babu refrained from commenting on the allegations faced by Ravi Prakash. He did maintain that Mega Family lost faith on media and that is why they stopped paying attention to the fourth estate. JSP Narsapuram Candidate went on to say focus is only on the 5th Estate (Social Media) which has been supportive of Jana Sena.

Naga Babu need to accept that Media isn't the major reason behind the failure of Praja Rajyam. Lack of strong leadership, vision and commitment led to the downfall.