Watch: Naga Babu's Political Viva!

Tue Feb 19 2019 19:21:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Naga Babu came up with yet another funny skit as part of the satirical campaign run through 'My Channel - Naa Istam'. Jabardasth Comedians Raising Raju, Dorababu and A Child Artiste played key roles in the skit. Mega Brother presented the skit as something which happened for real in Bangkok.

Raising Raju & Dorababu who appear as Devotees ask the Child Artiste (Balananda Maharaj Swamiji) what does Biopic mean. Swami replied it's nothing but a picture meant for elections.

To the question who are 'Erripappalu', Swamiji says: 'Those who still believe he (hinting Babu) can develop'.

When quizzed who is Pappu, Swamiji answered: 'An Individual who speaks something else instead of what he wishes to convey due to the influence of God'.

Asked what is that which won't be completed forever, Swamiji replies: 'It's Polavaram Project'.

Difference between 'Abhivrudhi' and 'Andolana', Swamiji said: 'Implementation of schemes since 5 years means Abhivrudhi. Implementation of schemes since 5 months before elections means Andolana'.

In what way Journalist & Saddist are different, Swamiji told: 'One who supports people is journalist. And the one who support caste is a Saddist'.

Differentiate Astrology and Survey, Swamiji conveys: 'Predicting future correctly is Astrology. Predicting something which will never happen is Survey'.

When Devotees ask what are the two things he could remember, Swamiji imitates TDP Supremo: 'E Voice Naadi Kadu...Evaro Mimicry Chesaru'.

Difference between Spiritual Tour & Padayatra, Swamiji explains: 'Spiritual Tour means torturing God. Padayatra means torturing Public'.

What are the two lies spoken by Leaders repeatedly, Swamiji reveals: 'Tonsure of beard after victory and Political Sanyas after defeat'.

What does Special Category Status mean, Swamiji says: 'A Leader who hold power saying we will bring it for sure after coming to power again'.

Finally, Swamiji asked Devotees what are their demands as Voters. While one of them seek Unemployment Allowance for Unemployed Youth who use internet services at midnight and Implementation of Mahalakshmi Scheme under Pasupu Kunkuma, The other one seeks pension for Old-Aged People who use internet services during that time.