Nama Received A Big Favour From Naidu?

Sun Feb 10 2019 14:23:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Leaders who maintain good relations with the Ruling Party will most likely receive monetary benefits in some way or the other. That is what happened in the case of Nama Nageswara Rao as well. This Former MP might have his roots in Telangana but carry out his business operations in AP as well.

As per Media Reports, TDP Government offered Polavaram Project Works worth Rs 196 crore to Nama Nageswara Rao's BSR Constructions. Whereas, Only works worth Rs 112 crore were completed by the Contractor. Following which, State Government provided additional funding of Rs 120 crore citing cost reassessment. Later, Rs 70 crore fund was withdrawn from the contract on grounds of failing to meet the deadline. Following which, BSR Constructions were left with only Rs 13 crore works by January this year.

TDP Government has now increased the value of Rs 13 crore pending works to Rs 153 crore instead of imposing a penalty on BSR Constructions for missing multiple deadlines. It's like offering an undue favour of Rs 140 crore to the Contractor.

What explanation does TDP Government offer to the public on the irregularities in Polavaram Project ahead of the elections?