Nara Bhuvaneswari Adopted Village Favours YCP

Sat May 25 2019 19:32:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Komaravolu Village in Krishna District has got a direct connection with the families of Two Former Chief Ministers. It's not only the birth place of NTR's Wife Basavatharakam but also the village of Nara Bhuvaneswari's Grandmother. That is why TDP Supremo's Wife adopted Komaravolu village few years ago.

Telugu Desam Party received a rude shock in the 2019 Elections. Majority Voters in Komaravolu Village favoured YSR Congress Party. Out of total 1,474 polled, YCP secured 843 votes and TDP received 548 votes.

Inspite of adopting the village, Drainage and Drinking Water issue in Komaravolu remained unaddressed during TDP Rule. Only few people received houses built in the Nara Devaansh Colony.

For decades, People of Komaravolu supported Telugu Desam Party. Finally, They took the decision to strengthen YS Jagan's Leadership.