Is Nara Lokesh A CM Material?

Sat Aug 18 2018 17:35:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

IT Ministers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have been projected as Future CMs. Being the Son of a Chief Minister alone won't be enough for anyone to be in such a position. One has to earn it & people's acceptance should a criteria, else survival becomes so difficult.

K Taraka Rama Rao emerged as the true successor of KCR during his tenure as Telangana IT & Municipal Minister. Telanganites will be more than happy to see him as the next CM.

On the other hand, Nara Lokesh is yet to attain majority of the people's acceptance in AP. Of course, Majority of the TDP Leaders and a section of Party Workers have been loyal to him. Still, A lot need to be done by Lokesh for attaining such a stature. Plenty of jokes keep doing rounds about flaws in his Telugu Speeches even Today. Hoisting tricolor on top of his house on the eve of Independence Day & Condolence Tweet after Vajpayee's demise drew criticism.

There are no shortcuts to become Chief Minister, particularly in the case of Regional Parties. First of all, Lokesh will have to conduct himself properly and be an inspiration to partymen/public. Only then, He could aspire for CM Post. Hope, Chinnababu corrects his mistakes at the earliest.