That's YS Family History: Nara Rohit

Mon Mar 25 2019 16:36:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nara Rohit responded seriously over the speculations of rift in his family. He issued a statement to assure that all is well in the Nara Khandhan.

In the statement issued by him, Nara Rohit told: 'My Father Rammoorthy Naidu and Uncle Chandrababu Naidu are like Ram-Laxman. Unfortunately, Rumours have been spread to make people believe there is rift. Don't create such things for your selfish motives. My Dad has voluntarily stayed away from active politics due to health issues. We always received due importance. Don't circulate blatant lies for your political gains. Our Properties have been donated for School and Panchayat Buildings four decades ago. Progress of the state is of utmost important for us. It's unfair to say that Chandrababu Naidu neglected our Family. He is taking care of us just alike 5 crore Andhrites. We don't have the history of manhandling Babai for the sake of MP Seat. That's YS Family history! We don't crave for posts. Does those who keep visiting Courts and Jails know about family relations?'.

The Actor reminded Chandrababu Naidu has been visiting Naravaripalle every year to celebrate Sankranthi with family members. He went on to say Naidu behaves with them like a family head rather than as Chief Minister.