CAA Doesn't Affect Any Indian: Modi

Sun Dec 22 2019 17:09:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

PM Narendra Modi took a dig at the Opposition Parties for allegedly spreading wrong information and rumours about the Citizenship Amendment Act during his speech at Mega Rally in Ramlila Maidan. He made it clear that no rules have been framed so far for carrying out National Register of Citizens (NRC) all over the country.

Prime Minister asked all those who attended the Mega Rally to stand up as a mark of respect for the Parliament for passing the Citizenship Amendment Act. He clarified, 'CAA doesn't affect any Indian, whether if he/she is a Hindu or Muslim. So many rumours have been spread about NRC. NRC implemented in Assam was as per Supreme Court order. My Rivals can burn my effigy instead of targeting the poor, police and public property'.

Modi told there was no discrimination on the basis of religion when it comes to implementation of Government Schemes. He challenged rivals to find if there is any discrimination towards Muslims shown during his rule.

According to NaMo, Citizenship Amendment Act has comes out from the thoughts of Gandhiji who once said Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan are welcomed whenever they want to come back to India. Those People who affixed Gandhi to their names should at least follow the Mahatma.

PM asked Chief Ministers who claimed they won't allow CAA implementation in their states to consult their legal experts and advocate general to know if that's possible. He went on to say Congress has got a problem with Modi's popularity in Muslim nations.