Will Prime Minister Modi Become President Modi?

Sun Aug 25 2019 17:44:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP planning to bring presidential system in Indian politics? Are they trying to change the present parliamentary democracy into a presidential one?

There is a strong buzz that like in China, Russia and the US, there is a strong attempt to bring in presidential system in India. Putin changed the laws and rules to become the president of the country for a third time. Similarly, Xi Jinping too changed the rules to become president for life. There is a strong buzz that Modi too could do the same and bring presidential form of Government in the country. Given Modi's huge popularity, he would win elections hands down. Rahul Gandhi would never be a match for Modi. So, regardless of whether his party would win or lose, he could remain the president of the country

But, there is a big question. Will this system work in India? This kind of system is creating lot of problems in countries like Sri Lanka and even the US. Well! Let’s wait and see what happens and how the things work out.