PM Modi Urges People To Be More Cautious During Festival Season

Tue Oct 20 2020 19:20:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amid the festival season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation. In his address, the PM urged people to follow the Covid-19 preventive norms and maintain social distancing norms.

In his seventh address since imposing the nationwide lockdown, the PM said the lockdown might have been lifted, but the virus still exists in the country and appealed to the public to be more cautious.

He pointed out the carelessness of people who are not following the instructions and said this is not right.

Modi reminded that  Covid-19 infections have re-surfaced in nations like America and Europe and cautioned people to be not reckless during the festival season.

Talking further, PM said, due to the collective efforts of the citizens, India is in a stable situation and urged to not deteriorate the efforts.

Narendra Modi said, the government is preparing to make the vaccine available to every single citizen of the country, once the vaccine is rolled out.

5,500 people out of every 10 lakh population in the country were infected with Covid-19. While the figure of infections is nearly 25,000 in the US & Brazil for 10 lakh population, he said.