NASA's Space Shotgun to fire bullets at Asteroids

Tue Sep 22 2015 21:44:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

NASA, the US space agency, collaborated with a Brooklyn-based company Honeybee Robotics to invent the first-ever space shotgun which enables testing the strength of Asteroids and could even fire bullets at it to help scientists figure out the solidity of the rock based on its rebound speed.

Honeybee Robotics located in Brooklyn Navy Yard will create the Space Shotgun as part of the NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission.

The agenda of NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission is to break a massive chunk of an asteroid and shift them as close as possible to the Moon. Later, A spacecraft carrying experts will collect these samples for finding out untold secrets.

NASA sees the creation of space shotgun as an achievement in itself and a key development towards human exploration of Mars..