Glass Symbol Becomes The Most Talked About Issue In Tirupati By-Poll!

Wed Apr 07 2021 14:25:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Election Commission allotting Glass symbol for a Navataram Party candidate for the upcoming by-election in the temple city Tirupati created a tense situation for the BJP-Jana Sena alliance.

The Glass symbol was earlier allocated to Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena. As a result of the BJP and Jana Sena leaders' battle, the EC canceled the election symbol issued to the Navataram party.

However, the trouble for the BJP-Jana Sena alliance didn't end with the EC canceling the election symbol for the Navataram party. The party has reportedly decided to challenge the change in election symbol.

The Navataram party is telling the version that they have already started the election campaign urging the voters to vote for the Glass symbol and EC allotting the same symbol to the BJP alliance will impact their winning chances.

Now it is interesting to know how the Navataram party and BJP-Jana Sena alliance will do in order to get Glass as the party symbol.

It has to be noted that, Glass was earlier allotted to the Jana Sena party for the 2019 elections. However, the party failed to create an impact in the general elections by losing the polls cheaply.

On top of that, Jana Sena has also opted out of Tirupati by-polls. Taking all these points into consideration, the Election Commission has allotted the Glass symbol to the Navataram party candidate.