Negligence of people, low vaccine numbers, social gathering driving India's Covid-19 surge!

Fri Apr 23 2021 17:20:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

People, who used to fear the novel Coronavirus spread, used to follow the restrictions like wearing facemasks and maintaining physical distance during the first phase of Covid-19 have now stopped following the restrictions.

Since people became negligent towards the deadly virus, things escalated quickly and the country has been seeing fresh infections in big numbers since the inception of the second wave of the virus since February this year.

A recent report conducted to understand the rise in fresh infections confirmed the same and added that other factors like the birth of deadly variants and not following guidelines outdoors have driven the surge in Covid-19 cases.

The report to understand the sudden rise in Covid-19 infections was conducted by the National Institute of Epidemiology in Chennai. Manoj Murhekar, an epidemiologist at the Institute had led the study,

While the negligence in people to follow the Covid-19 guidelines might be the main reason behind the surge in the cases, the study said, the emergence of deadly Covid-19 variants like the UK variant (B117) and the double mutation variant (B1617) might not be ruled out.

Comparing the situations that prevailed during the peaks of the first wave of Coronavirus in September and the current prevailing situations, the second wave of the respiratory disease.

The study even highlighted how the people have let their Covid-19 guard down and the active participation of people in various political parties, meetings, and religious gatherings.

Concluding the study, the researchers have opined that, the slow rate of vaccination drive is also one of the main reasons behind the surge in Covid-19 infections, and to fight the crisis, ramping up the vaccination drive is the main step.