Stupidity: Netizens Quarreling About PV Sindhu's Caste

Mon Aug 02 2021 21:09:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hyderabad-based shuttler, PV Sindhu made the country proud yesterday by winning the bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics 2021. She defeated China's He Bingjiao to clinch the bronze medal in the Badminton singles category. Also, she is the first female athlete to win 2 individual medals in 2 different Olympics.

However, instead of celebrating Sindhu's victory, a bunch of brainless netizens have started quarreling about her cast. A Twitter conversation between a few netizens showed the heights of their stupidity. While one said she belongs to the Kamma community, another argued that her father is a Kapu and her mother is Kamma so she belongs to both the castes. Such is the level of stupidity shown by a few casteist people on social media.

Also, Sindhu's caste became one of the most searched topics on Google after her historic victory yesterday.

At a time when the entire nation is congratulating Sindhu for her exquisite achievement, a few people are busy determining the caste she hails from. What a pity.