Netizens Troll Ec For Going To Supreme Court Against High Court

Mon May 03 2021 13:33:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Election Commission's attempt to file a petition against the remarks of the Madras High Court have become the subject of the memes and comments on the social media. The ECI has filed a petition against the Madras High Court for making what it called “blatantly disparaging remarks" against the constitutional institution. The Apex court will hear the petition on Tuesday.

The Madras High Court, which heard a petition against the ECI, blamed the CEC for the second wave of Corona in the country. It said that the EC should be booked for murder. It said holding of political rallies even while there was a unprecedented spurt in covid cases was tantamount to murder.

The EC said the high court remarks were without any basis. It said that such remarks have seriously dented the reputation of the constitutional institutions like the EC. But, the netizens have trolled the EC for going to court. Here are some comments on the social media:

There is nothing wrong in what the Madras High Court said. You are the super spreader of Covid, said netizen Akshit Dutt. Vichar Swadesh called EC a "national disgrace."  Hope the Supreme Court hears this petition in 8 hearings over 8 years #ElectionCommissionOfIndia should be booked for culpable murder #supportindia support #MadrasHighCourt said netizen Adil Nargolwala