New Fear With Covid:Patients Develop New Symptoms Like Diarrhea!

Wed Aug 17 2022 11:33:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Proving that the Covid fear is not over yet, there is a good spike of fresh infections caused by the pandemic every day. For the past few days, the fresh cases are going up. On average more than eight thousand patients are catching the virus in India raising many fears.

Yet again India saw more than 8,000 new patients coming in contact with respiratory disease. Not just the covid infections, the mortalities triggered by the virus are also seeing a spike recently. The official data shows that India registered as many as 8,813 fresh Covid cases and 29 deaths in the past 24 hours.

As if it is not enough, doctors are finding new symptoms among Covid patients. Those who are suffering from the respiratory disease are developing more and more new symptoms. Moreover, people suffering from chronic diseases are also coming in contact with the Covid virus.

As per the reports, Covid patients are developing symptoms like headache, fever, cough, cold, throat irritation,body ache, and others. On top of this, a few patients also developed symptoms like a dip in urine output.

While the situation is like this in India, the national capital Delhi is going through a tough time. The positivity rate, single-day infections, and causalities are going up daily. The medical authorities are unable to deal with the sudden spike in infections and casualties.

As the deadly variant of Omicron is said to be spreading rapidly in Delhi, the hospitalisations are going up. Even those who took two doses of the vaccines also got admitted to hospitals. Not just that, people who got administered the booster dose also got hospitalised.

Around 10 percent of patients who got admitted to the hospitals in Delhi due to Covid took the booster doses. This is the official data as the medical authorities said. Addressing the media on the Covid outbreak, senior officers of the Health Department said that the concerned authorities were issued directives to take the appropriate measures to bring the situation under control.

Highlighting how the vaccinated people also got admitted after catching the deadly virus, the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister urged people to follow the instructions and wear facemasks and observe physical distance without fail.