New Nehru-Gandhi Heir Being Readied Up?

Mon Sep 14 2020 08:39:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Congress Party is preparing its next generation leader. No… not the Sachin Pilot types. It is preparing the next gen boss. Yes. Now that Rahul and Priyanka Vadra have proved inadequate to match Narendra Modi's charisma and cleverness, the Congress is trying to pull  out another leader from the Gandhi-Nehru stable. He is none other than Raihan Rajiv Vadra.

Wondering who this is? Raihan is the son of Priyanka Gandhi. He has just entered Twitter and already has a huge following, predictably of politicians seeking Gandi-Nehru family's favour. But, the Congress has a problem. Raihan is a Parsee word and if this name is popularized, there could be a Hindu backlash. So, the inner circles are trying to popularize his second name Rajiv as it will remind people of Rajiv Gandhi. So, he would be known as Rahul Vadra and not Raihan.

Remember, Maneka Gandhi's son too did the same trick. His name was Firoze Varun Gandhi, but he cleverly edited out Firoze from his name. This has helped him prevent a Hindu backlash. He is known as just Varun Gandhi. So, Raihan too might be doing just that.