New Virus in Town: Sexual Interactions Causing Virus Spread!

Thu May 19 2022 13:19:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's been two years since the world started to stay with the Covid virus. Despite the virus spread coming down, the fear is not over yet as at regular intervals, the cases are seeing a spike in various parts of the world. Mainly, the western countries are not having a good time with the Covid spread.

As if it is not enough, another virus was detected in the western countries which is ringing danger bells in various nations. While the Monkeypox virus was first detected in the United Kingdom, the virus had been spread to other nations as well and raised many fears among the people living in these nations.

Going by its name, the Monkeypox virus was first found a few decades back when a few monkeys kept in a lab for testing purposes developed the virus. Now the same virus has come back to haunt the world. Besides the United Kingdom, countries like Canada, America, Spain, and Portugal are seeing the infections triggered by the virus.

With the wild animals living in the places nearby the forests also carrying the virus, it is spreading like a wildfire. On top of this, the global health body WHO is telling that the virus is also spreading through sexual networks.

The wounds from the infected people are also spreading the virus. On top of this, the sex between gays and bisexuals is also a major reason behind the virus's spread according to the health body and health experts. Many say that unnatural sex could be a reason behind the virus's spread.

The Monkeypox virus comes from the family of smallpox virus, which also comes with mild symptoms. Those who develop the virus develop rashes on various parts of the body including the face and hands.

As the Monkeypox virus is spreading in many nations at a faster rate, several bodies and experts started studies to get more information about the virus and its characteristics. Many experts raise a doubt that if the virus gets spread similarly, then the monkeypox will not take much time to emerge as the pandemic and trouble the nation how the Covid is doing now.