New Visa Applicants To Get Appointment In 2025?

Wed Nov 23 2022 12:09:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Covid outbreak left an impact on many things around us as the whole world came to a standstill. The United States Visa application process was stopped for around one year as America suffered massively with Covid. There were Covid infections and casualties everywhere during the first wave.

The Visa process was resumed after the Covid situation came under control. As the process was stopped the number of pending applications became a large pile and the waiting period increased exponentially. A few months back it was said that the waiting period for an Us visa is over one and a half years.

As a piece of bad news for th US Visa aspirants, the waiting period is likely to get doubled and reach up to three years. For B-1 and B-2 visas, the waiting period might go to three years. The interviews for the applicants of two visas might get the interview date in 2025 as per the estimations.

To deal with the urgent applicants, temporary staffers were roped in to address the situation. Though a few applicants would get some relief the majority of applicants had to go through the waiting period without any other option.

As the waiting period increased massively the applicants have no other option except for applying without a break as their application might get a date once the process gets started.

Despite the massive waiting period, emergency appointments would be addressed first. However, they should meet the criteria mentioned by the embassy. If the appointments can meet the same the applications would be addressed at the earliest.

To counter the growing waiting period, the US embassy is giving its best to increase the staff and machinery. Staff is being hired to look into the applications. The visa processing time has lowered a bit compared to the previous year.

If we take India as a big example, the waiting period is over 900 days across the cities. On average the waiting period stands at more than 900 days in almost all the metro cities. In the pearl city Hyderabad the waiting period is 994 days.

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