New variant of Covid detected in Moscow is the new concern

Thu Jun 17 2021 13:18:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

The novel Coronavirus has been ringing the danger bells across the globe.What's even more concerning is that the virus is changing its form due to the mutation and as a result new variants have emerged in a few countries.

As one more fear, a new strain of the virus was detected in the capital city of Russia, Moscow.The new strain was named Moscow Strain, as reported by the Moscow Times.

The new strain was detected when the new Covid cases are seeing a rise steadily.The scientists are now busy trying to find out how effectively Russia's homegrown Sputnik V against the Moscow strain.
Gamaleya Center head Alexander Ginsburg said, the situation is nothing but alarming as the fresh infections have been increasing since the past week especially in the capital city.
Over the past week, Moscow is seeing a rise in new infections. On Sunday,the city reported the highest cases since December, 2020 with over 7,000 new Coronavirus cases. The concerned officials are monitoring the situation in the city.

So far a total of over 52,49,990 people in Russia have come in contact with the virus, while 48,28,500 have beaten the virus. The virus had claimed 1,27,576 lives in the nation.