Are Finacial Situations And Films Inter Related?

Wed Oct 09 2019 16:06:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Economists are warning that the financial situations are declining in the country. While the government is taking all the required actions to control the situation. The famous entertainment legend, PVR Cinemas CEO  Gyan Chandani has a remedy to get rid of this situation. Financial situations get better by watching more movies. Taking about the economic downturn, he said, people are getting scared by the rumors, but it has benefited the film industry.

Not solely by the film content itself, but some other factors benefited the film business. "We are happy with the economic downturn, our business is running very well and we don't have any problems", he added. The profits made by the company in the first trimester are proving him right. Compared to China's Vanda Film Holding Company PVR got more than  43 times of profit. According to the market trades, the company registered 20 % of profits even during the time of Worldcup.

With the availability of the services of Reliance Jio, the face of the internet changed. With a chance of getting more data with less price, people are watching films on Amazon Prime and Netflix. This raised a question of the need for the theaters. It is interesting how PVR can earn profits amidst these situations. In spite of facing a huge competition with these platforms, PVR is high in business.