No One Should Infringe On The Basic Right To Converse In Language Of Voice:KTR

Sun Jun 06 2021 19:28:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

A state-run hospital in the national capital Delhi had issued directives to the nursing staff to stick to Hindi or English to converse and the Malayali staff were asked not to converse in their mother tongue.

An article that had appeared in an English daily said the same. The Tech-savvy leader, Telangana IT Minister KTR had reacted to the news and said, everyone should have the right to converse in the language they like. No one should violate the right, KTR said.

"This directive reeks of language chauvinism. India has 22 official languages & Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, etc are included. Every Indian should have the right to converse in a language of their choice & no one should infringe on that basic right," KTR tweeted earlier today.

His tweet has won the hearts of the netizens and they had lauded the IT Minister for reacting to the news of nursing staff receiving orders from the hospital authorities to not converse in their mother language.

According to the news article, the nursing staff were asked not to converse in Malayalam. The orders were issued after a patient complained to the authorities. The nursing staff said they didn’t receive such orders earlier.