Researchers Advice People To Change Easy-To-Hack Passwords

Fri Nov 20 2020 20:00:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Following the recent cyber crimes and attacks, many experts and firms have advised social media users to not use normal and weak passwords for bank accounts and social media accounts which can be hacked easily.

However, a recent survey conducted by the password management company NordPass has found out that, globally a significant share of people still opt to use 123456' and 'password' as their passwords even after appeals from the authorities.

The researchers who compared the passwords used in 2019 and 2020 have found out that there is no much change in the percentage of users who changed their passwords, which is an area of concern.

Due to the pandemic outbreak, the employees have been working from home and many transactions were are also being from home. Having normal passwords makes it easy for hackers and cyber attackers to hack accounts.

The outcome of the research is that globally '123456' is the widely used password, followed by 123456789' and Password at the next respective places. '111111' is also used as passwords.

The researchers have appealed to people to change their easy-to-hack passwords as a bid to keep themselves away from cyberbullying and cyber attacks.