Not learning from mistakes, AP Govt doing same mistake

Wed Oct 06 2021 20:43:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite Courts slamming the Andhra Pradesh government over its decisions in the recent past a few times, the government is not learning from its mistakes. On top of not learning from the previous mistakes, the government is repeating the mistakes and facing severe blows from the courts as a result.

It is known that the Andhra Pradesh government was directed by the High Court earlier to not paint the government buildings with the YSRCP colors. Even though the court had warned the government on the same issue, the government didn't change its decision.

With the government being adamant on the colors issue, the High Court had once again come down severely on the government. This time, the Court had directed the government and officials to submit a letter before the court that the building would not be painted with party colors.

Even the supporters of YSRCP are also not happy with the way the government is going ahead with the decision of painting the buildings despite the High Court issuing directives to not do so multiple times.

Sadly for the government, getting severe comments from the Courts is not a new thing. On several decisions, the Andhra Pradesh government was slammed by the courts.