Okay in AP, but not OK in Maharashtra

Fri Nov 08 2019 12:16:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP is in a fix. It's move to bring in defectors from rival parties in a big way has boomeranged badly. Before the Maharashtra and Haryana elections, the BJP has opened the gates for leaders from other parties. Many Congress and NCP leaders joined the party in Maharashtra and several joined from the Congress and the INLD in Haryana.  However, most of them lost the elections.

There were two problems. Firstly, those who came into party, carried a baggage with them. Their past history caught up with them. Their followers were known for their hooliganism. So, the middle class voters of the BJP were unable to reconcile with them. Secondly, existing BJP leaders strongly opposed their entry and worked to defeat them. As a result, most of those who joined the BJP were defeated. Even in Gujarat, leaders like Alpesh Thakore, who left the Congress to join the BJP, were defeated. After the disaster in Maharashtra and Haryana, the BJP is now having a rethink over bringing in leaders from other parties. It has put on hold the joining of several leaders from the Congress into the BJP.

But, what about those joining the BJP in states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh? The party is still encouraging many Congress and TDP leaders to join the party. But, the BJP central leadership has a different take on these defections. It feels there is nothing to lose in AP. Here the BjP is not strong and thus there cannot be any groupism. The BJP leaders are so weak that they cannot alter the fortunes of the newly joining leaders from other parties. So, it’s green signal for joining in AP.