Omicron Brings High Reinfection Rate Than Its Predecessors

Fri Dec 03 2021 15:55:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

After dealing with the series of waves of the novel Coronavirus, the world is currently bracing itself for the new variant of Covid Omicron that was detected in South Africa recently. The new variant had already made its way to as many as 23 countries across the globe as per the findings of the global health agency World Health Organization(WHO).

As if it is not enough, a recent survey had found out that the Omicron variant is not only contagious and dangerous than the previous variants but also comes with high chances of reinfections compared to its predecessor. The survey on the same conducted by the researchers had found shocking details.

The researchers in South Africa who carried out the survey had opined that the Omicron variant has the ability to trigger re-infections of the virus by almost three times compared to Delta and Delta plus variants. What’s even more concerning is that the new variant is believed to possess the ability to escape the immunity caused by the vaccine doses.

One of the co-authors of the study Harry Moultrie had opined that to make active plans to fight the new variant, we should know two things. One is how effectively the new variant can make itself free from the immunity and the rate of transmission it has than the previous variants.

With the emergence of the new variants, all the countries went into alert mode and tightened the facilities at the airport to monitor the air passengers coming from other nations that reported the infections caused by the new variant.

The Superpower nation America which reported an Omicron infection had swung into action to take the required steps to deal with the situation. It is said that the government will announce the same very soon.

Going by the news covered by the leading news outlets in the United States, the precautionary measures include ramping up the facilities to make the booster doses available for the people. America might use mobile vehicles for reaching more people to vaccinate them with booster doses.

Besides this, the facilities that enable the administration to take the sample of the air passengers and test them will also be increased.